Automatic Doors For Businesses

automatic doors for business in the UK

Installing automatic doors for business premises can help you better meet the needs of your clients and customers. They are convenient, secure and safe making it easier for staff and visitors to enter and access your business. They help to make your premises more attractive, reducing barriers to entry and helping to lower your energy costs.

They’re also highly efficient, and with regular automatic door servicing and maintenance an automatic door for business can be relied upon to keep working for years to come.


Are automatic doors for business expensive?

One concern many companies have about automatic doors is how much they cost to install, run and maintain. While it’s true that fitting an automatic door for business at your premises will involve some initial outlay, the cost is often cheaper than first imagined. Overall, running costs are relatively low, and automatic doors can generate savings in terms of energy costs as doors open and close quickly and efficiently reducing draughts. Automatic doors also increase your security, with a range of locking and control systems available to enable you to better manage access.

The cost of your automatic door for business will depend on its size, the type of door, and the automation method that you choose. More sophisticated control and security systems will cost more than simpler methods.

Because of the range of variables involved in the cost of an automatic door for business, it’s advisable to contact a professional installer who will be able to provide an accurate estimate.


How much does it cost to put in an automatic door for business opener?


The cost of installing an automatic door opener can vary considerably depending on a range of factors. A basic automatic door opener could cost as little as around £500, rising to several thousand pounds for more complex systems.

As well as the cost of the automatic door opener itself, there may be additional expenses associated with the installation. You may require extra electrical work, or small structural modifications that can raise the overall cost of the installation.


Automatic doors for business from Safetell


Once you have your automatic doors installed at your business premises it’s important to ensure that they are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure their efficient, reliable operation. Regular maintenance reduces the need for emergency repairs and expensive, inconvenient downtime, Safetell’s automatic door maintenance and repair services reduce the risk of costly, unplanned downtime for your doors. Our customer-focused service is built around our ‘repair not replace’ mentality. We look for ways to ensure that you obtain the maximum service life from your investment in automatic doors.

We will give you the best advice on equipment, regardless of the make and model of the door you have installed. We do not try and sell any unnecessary products when your doors can be repaired and maintained. 

If you already have automatic doors installed at your business and are considering replacing them with a new installation, our maintenance and repair service may be a more cost-effective option.

To find out more about automatic sliding doors, or our services and how we can ensure your automatic doors keep working efficiently and reliably for longer, contact us today.