Crucial differences between Security Screens and Covid-19 Screens

Over the past two years, as a nation, we have become accustomed to seeing screens in retail stores, hospitality, or any customer-facing setting. These screens have recently been introduced due to a new and unforeseen aggressor in the form of Covid-19, however, they are not to be confused with Security Screens. 

There has been a longstanding and real requirement for Security Screens in almost all customer-facing roles, and there will continue to be a need when Covid protection screens are no longer necessary. They serve a different purpose, to protect employees and assets from the threats that society pose. The risk of attacks on staff in retail, hospitality and many other industries has increased with the rise in Covid cases over the last two years, but the precautions to protect employees from physical threats has decreased.

Below we take a look at some key differences between the two:

A "Covid Protection Screen" illustration to the left, "VS" in the middle and  an illustration of a "Safetell Security Screen" to the right

The key differences of a Covid Security Screen listed

The key Differences of a "Safetell Security Screen" listed

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